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The Unwinding

"There is no coming to consciousness without pain" - Carl Jung

And there is no coming to consciousness without experiencing all of our being. Enlightenment requires going inwards, learning to connect with our hearts, and trust our intuition.


There is light and dark that lives within each of us. Our dark consisting of our fears, traumas, triggers, shame, guilt and doubt. Our light being made of love, acceptance, joy, peace, and harmony.


Much like the sun and the moon, our light and dark each have their time and place. We cannot embrace the full human experience without embracing the entire spectrum of emotions.

The journey that is about to unfold in front of you is the product of love, pain, joy, sorrow, resistance, acceptance, failure and success. It’s not a linear progression but rather a journey of introspection and awareness.

Some parts may make complete sense and others none at all.

While these words may have spilled from my being, they are as much mine as they are yours. May you find elements of yourself as you get lost in the work.


I hope you allow yourself to freely experience it without resistance or judgement, please allow  whatever comes up to be felt fully with love and grace.

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