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Breathe With Me

I help people open their hearts & befriend their minds - allowing them to tap into their intuition, find clarity, and create from an aligned place.

Imagine a sanctuary of calm and support, guided by an intuitive presence that feels like a warm embrace. Tensions melt away, making room for clarity and a profound connection to the true self. With intuition and compassionate attunement, these sessions create a nonjudgmental space for exploring hidden depths and unlocking inner wisdom. Even when the path seems unclear, insightful prompts and healing energy shine a light, guiding the way. 

Once a seeker on my own healing journey through holistic well-being, I discovered the transformative power of breathwork. Whether you're seeking clarity, balance, or deeper connection, these breathwork sessions are designed to uncover hidden reservoirs of creativity, peace, and focused intention. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey that harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit through the art of breathwork.




"When I first started working with Haley, I was 9 months into full time entrepreneurship. My brand and business structure had organically come about without intentional strategy behind it. I knew I was ready to take my personal and community based brand to the next level but was running into blocks in overcomplicating the systems and feeling confident stepping into new titles.


Haley has been the powerful operational partner and healing creativity coach I didn't know how badly I needed. As a team, we ideated and launched an entirely new brand - both digitally and IRL in San Diego. More importantly, she has held gentle space for me to work through heavy identity shifts along the way. If you are feeling stuck in the early stages of a new stage in your creative identity or mission driven business, Haley will help you work tease through the details needed to execute on your vision while empowering you to step into the person you are heart and soul are asking you to be."

Shannon, Entrepreneur & Speaker


"Haley is an amazing healer with a rare gift of light and connectedness that will leave you centered, happier, and revitalized. Haley's gentle voice and tact immediately transported me a relaxed state, with powerful energy tingling and radiating throughout my whole body. I left the session smiling, ready to take on anything, and more deeply connected to myself! If you're ready to be transformed, a breath work and healing session with Haley is your beginning to a beautiful, profound journey!"


"Haley's ability to hold space is incredibly powerful and unique. Her presence is a safe container and her awareness of what is needed and when is natural and intuitive. Simultaneously, she brings strength and softness to each session, which offers a sense of groundedness and balance to the overall experience. If you're feeling stagnant, stuck or in search of a breakthrough, Haley can help guide you towards a broader, clearer and more full understanding of who you are, what you want and what needs to be done in order to live the life of your dreams."
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"I was blown away during my breathwork session with Haley. From the start, her intuitive preparation resonated deeply with my personal struggles, despite her not knowing my intimate details. Her thoughtful guidance, the beautiful music, and her soothing voice created a relaxing atmosphere that allowed me to tap into my psyche profoundly. Discussing my feelings afterward, I marveled at how accurately her intuition had guided the session, making it a beautiful, relaxing, and deeply insightful experience. Haley is truly a gifted healer!"


Let's Breathe

1:1 Coaching &
Group Session

Reach out to learn more about custom 1:1 coaching and group sessions!

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