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The Unwinding

Embracing the Dichotomy of Human Nature

"There is no coming to consciousness without pain"

- Carl Jung

And there is no coming to consciousness without experiencing all of our being. Enlightenment is not about reading all the self-help books, it's about going inwards, learning to connect with our hearts and our truths.

There is both light and dark that lives within each of us. Our dark consisting of our fears, traumas, triggers, shame, guilt and doubt. Our light being made of love, acceptance, joy, peace, and harmony.

I've experienced periods where all I've known is my "darkness". And there have been times where all I wanted to show was my "light" so I pushed my darkness so deep inside I assumed it no longer existed.

But much like the sun and the moon, our light and dark each have their time and place. We cannot embrace the full human experience without embracing the full spectrum of emotions.


We are heart beings and we are meant to experience both ups and downs because if we do not we will flatline.


"The Unwinding: Embracing the Dichotomy of Human Nature" features 23 paintings and 23 correlating poems. Throughout it I explore my own coming to consciousness - moving from the abyss to oneness. Abstractly showcasing moments, concepts, and experiences integral to this process.

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